Full Weekend Pass including workshops
Super bird – £100 Early Bird – £120 Late Bird £140

Full Weekend Party Pass
Super bird – £75 Early Bird – £90 Late Bird £110

Full Day Pass – £50
Day Only – £25
Evening Only – £35


Takes a little longer, not quite as easy as Paypal but is ideal for International guests without a paypal account.  Much cheaper than International Bank Transfer. Please use your Initials as a reference for your payment.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are free for most UK account holders it can be expensive for International guests so we’d reccommend If you have online banking then its even easier.  Use Ref.  DD18,

Account Details
Account #. 03094316 Sort code. 20-29-77
EastonSwing Ltd (Company number – 8164334)
Bank address, Barclays Bank, 20 The Town, Enfield, EN2 6LS, United Kingdom Account. 03094316 Sort code. 20-29-77

International Account Details
IBAN: GB52 BARC 2029 7703 0943 16


Simple, easy and faster than anything else for money transfer.  Paypal fees are included in the weekend pass price.

Full Weekend Passes
Name of Lead guest
Other guest names

Day/Evening passes
Name of Lead guest
Other guest names


You will receive your PayPal confirmation directly after purchase and if you need any further reassurance don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you have.

Dates of Price Increase.

Super bird until January 2nd Earlybird until March 8th Late bird until the event. No refunds available after March 31st 2018.

Part payment plan.

For students at classes in the UK or abroad, talk to your instructors about getting a group together and paying for your passes and travel in weekly instalments.  We’d be happy to offer discounts to groups.

What to do now…

Make sure you have travel plans, room mates, a spot in the workshops.  Look on our Facebook page of the Saturday Night Theme Poll.  As the event approaches check out the event schedule and start planning the weekend’ activities.